Shaykh Abu Bilaal Al-Hadrami said:

“If the people of innovation become known with something, and it becomes from the symbols/signs of the people of innovation, then it is befitting that it be avoided. Thus, if this Kufi is from the signs of those innovators and they have started to distinguish themselves with it, and they wear it to distinguish themselves from other than them,  such as the appearances which you know from the people of innovation, then the person doesn’t follow them in this appearance and avoids it.

The prohibition has come regarding shaving the hair. Some of them said Ahmad disliked shaving the hair because it is from the attributes of the Khawarij.

But there is no problem if the individual is in need of shaving his head, such as if he has a harm, or there is hot weather in which it is sought to shave the head.

There is no problem with shaving the head for it has come in regards to the shaving of the head that it is a symbol from the symbols in Hajj and Umrah.

But if it is without a need, and it is from the attributes of the Khawarij as was in previous times, from their attributes was shaving (the hair). As for now, Allah knows best, some of them may grow their hair.

Now they have started to grow their hair. Thus, if a person shaves his hair, there is nothing preventing that.

But the point of interest is that if something becomes from the symbols of the innovators, then it is left off to oppose the people of innovation and it is a legislative intent. Opposing the innovators, the deviated ones and the misguided ones from the straight path, then this is a legislative intent

‎” ومن تشبه بقوم فهو منهم “

“Who ever imitates a people, then he is from them”

Thus it isn’t befitting to imitate the Sufis, but I don’t think the kufi has reached to this extent (with the people in the land). The general folk wear the Kufi. The Kufi has become popular in the dress of the people. But if there are specific types of Kufis which are specific to them, then it is avoided only to oppose them.”

End quote.

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl