It was mentioned that if someone makes wudu while he already has wudu and it is not to renew it for the Salah, it becomes an innovation as making wudu over and over without purpose has no basis. Does the same apply for ghusl? If one doesn’t have a need for ghusl but he/she does it as an act of worship daily or otherwise, does this also fall into being an innovation?


Ghusl for removing major impurity is only done to remove major impurity which occurs by either one’s semen coming out, intercourse, due to menses or post birth blood [Nifaas]. And this is worship.

One doesn’t do Ghusl to remove major impurities except if that occurs in a scenario where he says “I am doing Ghusl to remove a major impurity” and he isn’t in that state. Then in that case it is an innovation and perhaps he is afflicted with whispers from the Shaytaan.

But to wash yourself and do ghusl not to remove major impurities but just to cool off or clean oneself, there is no problem with it and that is a customary act.

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Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl