Imam Al Uthaymeen mentions in his explanation of An Nuuniyah where he says

ام كيف يشعر تائه بمصابه

or how can one who is arrogant feel what he is afflicted with

و القلب قد جعلت له قفلان

whilst the heart has two locks placed on it

قفل من الجهل المركب فوقه

a lock of compound ignorance and on top of that

قفل التعصب كيف ينفتحان

a lock of fanaticism, how can they be opened

The Shaykh, rahimahullah commenting says:

“I seek refuge with Allah. Compound ignorance and fanaticism, who can overpower this? If you were to go to a layman and narrate to him a narration of the messenger صلى الله عليه و سلم whilst he has a Shaykh whom he follows and holds him in high regards, he will say to you “Never [will I listen/follow what you are saying]. You are ignorant, Shaykh so and so says such and such!”. Then this is compound ignorance and along with it fanaticism. If compound ignorance and fanaticism gather together [in a person], then it is very far fetched that one described with them can be guided.” End translation. [Sharh Al Kaafiyatus Shaafiya 2/232]

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl