Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Hizaam was asked:


“If I see one of the layfolk listening to a caller from the Hizbis, should I rebuke him? What do I do?”


“Advise him without rebuke. However begin with light speech because sometimes a person loves this caller and is attached to him. And he will not accept your speech on him. However, begin and make him aware of what is with him of oppositions against the Sunnah. Do not say this man is an innovator, this man is a wicked person, or a liar or the likes of these wordings which make people run away. Rather say: ‘this man has oppositions to the Sunnah. I do not advise you to listen to him’. You give the same meaning but use good speech. He (the one being advised) will consider it great when you say: ‘he (the caller) has oppositions to the Sunnah, he has oppositions to the Legislation”. He will consider it great when you say that the caller has oppositions to the Sunnah and the Legislation, however it is less than if you were to say he is misguided, a Taghut, [and other such] severe words. So we advise the brothers to use good wordings which the people won’t run away from. The meaning is one [and the same]. Then after some days when your Da’wah becomes known and the people trust your knowledge and love you, then you are able to clarify what he [this caller] has of misguidance and deviation. So begin with the people step by step”.

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Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan