As along as the alcohol used in it does not have its distinct flavour after cooking nor does the food have the ability to intoxicate, then it is fine to eat because it is mixed with other ingredients to become one.

Ibn Hazm rahimahullah said: “and it is not permitted to eat what is kneaded with alcohol or with what is not allowed to eat or drink, nor in a pot cooked with something of that, except if what is kneaded is a small amount [of haram] and cooked with halal food, and what is thrown in it from haram is little without scent or taste or color, and a trace of the haram is not apparent at all. Then in that case it is halal” [Al-Muhalla (8/126)]

Then the Imam uses as proof the following narration:

‎روينا من طريق ابن أبي شيبة عن محمد بن يزيد عن داود بن عمرو عن مكحول عن أبي الدرداء : في المري يجعل فيه الخمر ؟ قال : لا بأس به ، ذبحته النار والملح

it was reported to us from the path of Ibn Abi Shaybah from Muhammad bin yazid  from Dawood bin amr from Makhool from Abu Darda radiallahu anhu: about al-murri [a type of soup] in which alcohol was put in it? He said: there is no problem with it. The fire and salt slaughtered it (ie. intoxicant). [Reported by Abdurrazaq in the Musannaf, Imam Tahawi
in Mushkil al-athaar, Imam ibn Zanjowayh in Kitab al-Amwaal and Abu Ubaid in Kitab al-Amwaal with a saheeh chain]

And Allah Knows best

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan