• Hassan Ibn Thaabit for 120 years
  • Hakeem Ibn Hizaam for 120 years
  • Huwaytib Ibn Abdul Uzza for 120 Years

Radiallahu Anhum

Yahya Ibn Mandah wrote a book regarding those from the Sahaba who lived 120 years and it is available in print

  • Al Ma’roor Ibn Suwayd for 120 years
    • Al A’mash said, “I saw Al Ma’roor while he was 120 years old with black hair on his head and beard”
  • Suwayd Ibn Ghaflah
    • from those who lived long
    • led the people in the standing of Ramadan (taraweeh) while his age was 120 years old

[Al Fawaaid Al Muntaqaa min Fathil Baari Wa Kutub Ukhraa, Page 391, not translated word for word]

Mentioned by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl