Al Muzani, the student of Ash Shafiee, may Allah have mercy upon them, said,

“I read the book Ar Risaalah to Ash Shafiee eighty times, there was no time except that he came across a mistake. So Ash Shafiee said: Enough, Allah refused that any book be completely correct than his”

and the poet said

كم من كتاب قد تصفحته

how many books I have gone through

و قلت في نفسي اصلحته

and I said to myself I have corrected it

حتى اذا طالعته ثانيا

until I went through it a second time

وجدت تصحيفا فصححته

I found a mistake so I corrected it”. End quote. [mentioned by Shaykh zaayid Al Wusaabee in Miskul Khitaam 1/4 they are originally found in Jaamiu Bayaan Al Ilm Wa Fadlih 1/338 as the shaykh mentions]

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl