Title: Victory Of The Owner Of Majesty In The Explanation Of the Children’s Bequest In Tajweed

Author: Al-Jamzoori

Explanation by: Ibrahim bin Muhammad al-Faqihi al-Qaadimi

Translator: Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan

Editor: Omar El-Maghraby

Translator’s comments:

This is a translation of an explanation of the poem: Tuhfatul-Atfaal by al-Jamzoori (may Allah have mercy upon him). The explanation is written by Ibrahim bin Muhammad al-Faqihi al-Qaadimi from Yemen and it is one of the explanations Shaikh Sa’eed Da’as (may Allah have mercy upon him) recommended in his book Manhajiyyah Talb al-Ilm , page 38. In shaa Allah this will serve as a good introductory text for beginners in Tajweed. As well, this poem itself is recommended to be memorized and is in level 2 of Mutoon Talib al-Ilm series.

May Allah reward brother Omar El-Maghraby for editing the work and I ask Allah to make it beneficial to the Muslims.