Ash-Shaykh al-Uthaymeen, may Allah have mercy upon him, was asked the following question,


One of the brothers in Canada works as a driver for a rental car (i.e. taxi) and he says many times when a passenger would get in the car and after cutting some distance from the journey, the passenger would request to stop close to a beer store to purchase from it, similarly to what some passengers request of being taken to certain places such as night clubs, so is it permissible to work in this job or to accept these rental offers?


No, it is not permissible to stop at a place where they sell alcohol in order that the passenger purchase (from it) and it is not permissible that he takes anyone to unlawful entertainment places, due to the statement of Allah:

” وتعاونوا على البر والتقوى ولا تعاونوا على الإثم والعدوان ”

‘Cooperate upon righteousness and piety and do not cooperate upon sin and transgression’ (Surah al-Maa’idah 5:2)

And Allah knows best.”

The Source of Reference: Fataawa of al-Uthaymeen, Question and Answer, Question number 3609.

~ Abu Fajr AbdulFattaah bin Uthman