Before we had posted on the site for Dr Muhammad bin Rabee (Shaykh Rabee’s Son), may Allah grant him success. However after listening to Dr Muhammad bin Rabee’s speech pertaining to the likes of Albany and Bin Baaz, we have seen it best that we refrain from posting for him for the time being inshaa Allah and Allah knows best.

Dr Muhammad Bin Rabee’s Speech In Relation To The Refutations And Warnings Of Imam Albani Against Ikhwanul Muslimoon:

“…I don’t think that they were sufficient since sometimes he (Shaykh Albani) was heedless, and other times he warned once in one whole year. Yes, to be frank, I feel strange even about Shaykh Bin Baz. If Nasir Az-Zahrani was the Imam in the masjid ash-Shaykh al-Waheed in Makkah that Ash-Shaykh Bin Baz use to rely upon and pray in which he built which Shaykh (Bin Baz) built! This (is) the masjid! He did not choose anyone except Nasir Az-Zahrani! And he was the Imam there during the lifetime of Shaykh Bin Baz. Wallahi! I say, to be frank, (that) I am accusing the major scholars that they had with them shortcomings in the matter of Ikhwan al-Muslimoon!…What was necessary upon our senior scholars is that they should have been stronger than what they were upon because they left behind for us a sickness with no cure for it…”

“Shaikh Rabee’ used to go to all of them in Riyaad and in Taaif, spending much of his time warning them and chasing them away (from the Ikhwaan). He gave them his books on the Ikhwaan and they used to smile (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and they saw that the Shaikh was extreme, Shaikh Rabee’ was extreme… May Allah excuse the ones who were deficient in this matter. And they left a lot of mischief making students who are closer to the Ikhwaan (in their methodology), yes who are closer to the Ikhwaan. And it was obligatory upon our Major Scholars to be more firm than they were upon because they left with us a disease wherein there is no cure. And there is no might and power except for Allah.”

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