Here is a benefit I read some time ago, but only remembered it now. It’s very beneficial considering it is the summer.

Shaikh Bakr Abu Zaid rahimahullah said:

“Hot day (يوم حار) [See: Daa wa Dawaa pg. 233 and Musnad Imam Ahmad (6/410)]

Ibn ul-Qayyim rahimahullah said in his research about the mistakes of the tongue in Dawaa wa Dawaa:

وقد كان السلف يحاسب أحدهم نفسه في قوله : يوم حار ، ويوم بارد

“The Salaf used to take one another to account for their saying: a hot day and a cold day”

It has become from the norm of the people to follow the changes in the weather and its temperature: heat and cold. How many is their terminology in that and their following of it: complaining and paining because of the intense heat and the intense cold. A person desires for winter in the summer and when the winter comes he detests it. This is because he is not pleased in any condition. Cursed is man; how disbelieving is he.

It is appropriate for a Muslim to avoid following the likes of this and taking it as a discussion in the sittings. In the Musnad of Imam Ahmad from Khawlah radiallahu anha that the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam said:

ابن آدم إن أصابه البرد قال : حس ، وإن أصابه الحر قال : حس

“The son of Adam, if cold afflicts him he says Hass [a statement said when one is in pain like ouch] and if heat afflicts him he says: Hass [a statement said when one is in pain like ouch]

[Silsilatus-Saheeha no. 1578]

[Taken from Mu’jim al-Manaahi al-Lafdhiyyah (1/128)]

Subhanallah! This is our custom today as the Shaikh described. We should take heed of the Shaikh’s advice and not indulge in the discussion of the weather or complain about it, especially since we have a lot changes in weather in Canada. May Allah reward Shaikh Bakr for his beneficial work rahimahullah.

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan