This is a translation of some of Ash Shaykh Humayds Biography written by Bassaam Al-Udayni. Due to time issues, I was not able to translate all of it so I have summarized some points from it to make it as a reminder for myself and my brothers! Allah knows best.

He is:

Ash Shaykh Humayd Ibn Ahmad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ali Abu Uthmaan Al-Udayni Rahimahullah

He was born 1398 and died 1433 Rahimahullah making him around 35 Years old when he died.

He was from the students of the Imam Muqbil Ibn Hadee Al Wadi’ee, The Scholar Yahya Ibn Ali Al Hajooree, The noble Shaykh Muhammad Hizaam and others.

These are a few things that are mentioned in his biography:

His brother Abdurraheem narrated some of his classmates said to him while we were in a car: “Oh Brother Humayd, do you not remember when we used to care for the sheep, and I used to say to you Oh Humayd what do you desire in this Dunya? So you said: I desire that I become knowledgeable and a Khateeb. So Humayd said to him: All Praise is to Allah for my Lord has given me success!

He had memorized the Qur’an, Riyaadus Saliheen and other books.

His father was a righteous man who frequently recited the Qur’an and would frequently sit in the Masjid, Rahimahullah.

One day, he was making Du’a for his father. He said that he did not give his father a day from the day’s money except that he would return it to him and increase it upon him. He would frequently make Du’a for his parents, Rahimahullah.

From [the examples of] him rushing to good [is that] he once bought something for the Masjid. So, a brother said to him: Oh Humayd, you are in greater need of money and you are a student of knowledge. So he said to him: We have more right to give Sadaqa then other than us and he said don’t inform anyone!

He did not like the mention of the Dunya around him. If the dunya was mentioned around him, he would say ‘exit us from this door, for it hardens the hearts’!

He wanted to eagerly go to Kitaaf to fight. He was called one day and it was said to him ‘where are you Oh our brother Humayd’? So he said: I am in Al Baydaa but my mind is in Kitaaf.

He went to Ash Shaykh Yahya alone to seek permission to go to Kitaaf. So the Shaykh said to him, ‘do you love this?’ [To be able to go to Kitaaf] he replied: ‘Yes’, so the Shaykh said to him: ‘May Allah give you success’ or similar to this Du’a.

One of the brothers Muhammad Al Jaabiree Al-Udayni informed the brother who wrote the biography regarding when he was killed that he said ‘indeed Humayd has died, by Allah if you were to see his face you would be shocked, as if it is a piece of the moon. By Allah, if pictures were permissible, I would have taken a picture of him!’

When the news reached his parents that Shaykh Humayd died, his father said: All praise is to Allah! Congratulations to him for martyrdom! And then he remained for a bit and started to cry and said ‘No one is similar to Humayd…..’ Then he said ‘Oh Abdurrahman [Shaykh Humayd’s brother], is this a hadeeth?: There was not from a prophet except he guarded the sheep? So he said ‘yes, rather it’s an authentic narration’ So he said, ‘therefore my son worked similar to the work of the prophets and not one from my children worked for me similar to Humayd; he guarded the sheep for me, and seeked knowledge and went out for Da’wah and died in the path of Allah. Congratulations to him for that!’

Then his father died 8 months after, Rahimahullah.

Shaykh Humayd had 5 children and he was tested by them.

His oldest child Abdullah died before 10 and Shaykh Humayd loved him severely. His son Abdullah dropped in a pool and died and Shaykh Humayd remained patient.

His son said to him before he died ‘Oh My father, how is death?’ So I said to him: ‘Oh My son, Allah takes the Soul. Then, the person is put in the grave. Then, the angels ask him about his lord, his religion and his prophet. So the believer is blessed and the kaafir is punished.’

The brother who wrote the biography said: Then I seen his eyes tear up and he said: ‘To Allah we Belong and to Allah we will return’ and he would say when he would remember his son: ‘Allah is sufficient for us and He is our Guardian’.

And similarly, Allah tested him with his second son Abdurrahman for he was handicapped and he would take him from hospital to hospital. But he was patient, rahimahullah, and all these trials were from Allah because the prophet Sallallau Alaihi Wassallam said “Indeed Allah if he loves a people he tests them” Tirmidhi narrated it from Anas Radiallahu Anhu.

The Noble Shaykh Fath Al Qadasee said:

“When it reached us the news [of his death], I grieved upon him a great grieving, me and everyone who knew him and loved him. But we do not say except that which pleases our lord Aza Wa Jal and we made A lot of Du’a for him Humayd, Rahimahullah. He lived in this Dunya the life of the poor, the patient upon what afflicted him and he left behind him offspring. I ask Allah Aza Wa Jal that he corrects them after him and that he makes easy their affairs…’

The likes of these Mashaykh are more valuable then millions of Dollars only if we’re to realize their real worth and follow in their footsteps.

They came in to this world with nothing like the rest of us, lived in this world as poor and not having much, but died with mountains full of Sadaqah Al Jariyah and good deeds.

فيما نحسبهم و الله حسيبهم

And their biographies will be read years later with people benefiting from it. Thus, we should ponder regarding what we want in this life and how do we want to be remembered.

May Allah cure our hearts and make knowledge more beloved to us

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl