Al-Imam Muqbil rahimahullah said :

الشباب المبتدئون في طلب العلم تكون عندهم حماسة للدين وغيرة على الدين ولا يحب أن يخالف، وإذا خولف ظن أنه خولف الكتاب والسنة، وربما يكون مخطئاً في فهمه

The youth who are beginners in seeking knowledge have a tendency to have (severe) enthusiasm for the religion and (severe) jealousy for the religion. However, he doesn’t like to be opposed, and if he is opposed, he assumes that The Quran and Sunnah have been opposed. While perhaps (the case is that) he may even be mistaken in his understanding.

As found in the book Ghaaratul Ashritah (189) or page 89 of the first part from the print which has been divided.

Likewise the Shaykh, rahimahullah, said:

.فإن الناشئين يكون لديهم حماسة شديدة، ربما تكون سبباً لهزيمة الدعوة وسبباً لنكبة الدعوة …

For verily the beginners have with them severe enthusiasm. However, perhaps it may even be a cause of the downfall of the dawah, and a cause of the collapse of the dawah.