Sheikh Uthaymeen may Allah have mercy on him said:

“If a person is given self-contentment, he will remain rich, happy and delighted, not looking at others.

What indicates this is that from the completeness of the favors for the people of Jannah is that they will not desire from it any transfer, [meaning] he will see that no one in Jannah has been bestowed more bounty or favor over him.

And this is from the favors of Allah upon the slave that he is granted the success to be self-content, whether this appears in his living quarters, his dress, his mode of transportation, or in his children. As for if self-contentment was to be stripped from his heart, then he would surely be poor.”

[شــرح بــلوغ المــرام (٥/٢٧٢)]

Translated by

Ikram Siddiqui
Abu Saif