Shaykh Al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah mentions rahimuhallah an agreement (اتفاق) between the four Imaams that the rights of the oppressed one are not forgiven by Allaah and are never dropped (except if the oppressed person forgives them).

So even if the oppressor performs 100 Hajjs, then he will still stand before Allaah and be held accountable for his Dhulm and the people he oppressed.

*Laa Ilaaha Ilaa Allaah.*

So Brothers those of us who think we may have wronged somebody in one point of our lives, even if it was just a few words which we deem insignificant, *let us humble ourselves and seek their forgiveness,* before a day where there are no Dirhams or Dinars.

And let those of us who have been subject to oppression take glad tidings that there will come a day where Allah will say:

هَٰذَا يَوْمُ يَنفَعُ الصَّادِقِينَ صِدْقُهُمْ

“This is a Day on which the truthful will profit from their truth”

[Al Maeda: 119]

ولا يظلم ربك أحدا

And your Lord does not oppress anyone in the least.

[Al Kahf:49]

And Allaah’s aid is sought.

I ask Allaah to seize my soul without anyone from his creation holding me to account for oppression.

Walhamdu Lilahi Rabil ‘Aalameen

Written by

Abu Mu’aawiyah Abdullah Hassan