Ash Shaykh Al Uthaymeen said in his poem on Usul al Fiqh and its explanation page 23,

معين من يصبو إلى الوصول

He explains the meaning of this by saying,

“Meaning, that Allah Taala aids the one who inclines towards reaching his goal, meaning towards reaching the truth. For He Jala wa Alaa aids every individual who seeks to attain the truth but the outcome may differ due to there being something which prevents reaching it or due to a wisdom which Allah wants. A person may exert his utmost efforts, but he does not reach his intent due to a wisdom Allah wants, for Allah may trial the slave. He may not be able to reach in his first try or second one until Allah knows who is truthful in that which he is seeking and who is not” End translation.

Translated by

Majid Jawed Al-Afghanee
Abu Layl