In completion to what we were discussing today about the stages of the embryo:

The stage of Mudghah, namely, a lump of flesh; during it the human features of the fetus begin to appear during the third forty days of pregnancy, from the eighty-first day of pregnancy until the hundred and twentieth day. This involves two cases:

1. A Mudghah that has neither visible nor invisible traces of human features and the midwives testify that it does not mark the beginning of a human shape. In this case, the ruling on abortion is the same as when it takes place during the first two stages, which means that it entails no subsequent rulings.

2. A Mudghah that has traces of complete human features, or a visible trace of a human feature, such as a hand, a leg, and so on, or even an invisible trace, or the midwives testify that it marks the beginning of a human shape. In this case, aborting a Mudghah will result in the subsequent rulings of postpartum bleeding and finishing its prescribed waiting period.