1. Memorization is according to time available. For example if one is busy with work, wife and children then in that case one should memorize a little each day and on the weekends, when he has more time, he should memorize more if he is able. This is because the one who memorizes should make time to memorize as well as revise each day.

2. Secondly, a person should use his vacations wisely. In some cases the children may be out of school and spend the whole day in play and amusement. However a large portion of the day, at least three to five hours should be spent memorizing and one to two hours revising. This is a means of getting a lot done in a short space of time.

3. Beware of time wasters. Beware of spending too much time on twitter, facebook and whatsapp as this can be incredibly dangerous. There are some who remain hours on it when a few of these hours could have been used memorizing.

4. Sincerity. This is indeed most important when memorizing.

5. Acting upon what one has memorized and making effort to understand it.

6. Diet: Eating too much and little exercise makes the body and mind lazy.

My dear readers, it is a must for us to continue this tradition of memorizing whether it is in a big or small amount. If we are sincere and we work hard Allah will guide us.

Imagine, in Yemen there are so many who memorized Bukhari and Muslim and other books. In Saudi there are Summer programs where the students memorize the whole of Bukhari in one summer! When I was in Madeenah I had a friend from India who memorized the Qur’an in six months and I heard stories of three and two months.

So we have to take advantage of our time and good health especially the youths who may have more free time than those who have responsibilities.

And with Allah is the guidance.