What did the idol-worshippers of Makkah believe about Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail? Did they believe they were also idol-worshippers?


The Mushrikun of Quraysh believed that Ibrahim and Ismaeel were both from the mushrikeen, for that reason Allah rebuttals that accusation of their’s in a couple of verses of the Quran.

And the mushrikeen of Quraysh used to allege that there won’t be a resurrection. Allah, The Most High, says:

زَعَمَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا أَن لَن يُبعَثوا ۚ قُل بَلىٰ وَرَبّي لَتُبعَثُنَّ ثُمَّ لَتُنَبَّؤُنَّ بِما عَمِلتُم ۚ وَذٰلِكَ عَلَى اللَّهِ يَسيرٌ

Those who disbelieve have claimed that they will never be resurrected. Say, “Yes, by my Lord, you will surely be resurrected; then you will surely be informed of what you did. And that, for Allah , is easy.


Answered by

AbdulFattaah bin Uthman
Abu Fajr