Abu Maryam reported from Abu Hurayrah that he heard him say:
He who meets his brother then let him send Salam upon him [give him Salam], if a tree or wall comes between them then he meets him again, let him send Salam upon him [give him Salams]. 

Ash Shaykh Abdurrazaaq al Badr said:

This is a Sunnah which many of the people are heedless from, either that they don’t know of it or that they don’t pay concern with applying it. I remember when I was young in age and was  beside Ash Shaykh Albani Rahmahullah here in Madeenah and I was waking by his side alone. A pillar separated between me and him. When he met me after the pillar, he turned to me smiling and said: السلام عليكم I said وعليكم السلام. He said: “Why did I give you Salaams? I didn’t know this narration nor was I previously aware of it. I smiled and said to him, ‘because the Salam is good’. And he mentioned to me this narration. Thus, my first time becoming aware of this narration was from the Shaykh Rahimahullah.

[Explanation of Adab al Mufrad tape 133]

Translated by

Majid al-Afghaani
Abu Layl