A group of the salafi scholars usually bring mentioning of the story of Imran bin Hitaan when he got married to a woman who was not upon the sunnah and ended up becoming an innovator afterwards. This indicates that a man should strive to find a strong salafi sister for marriage. From those scholars who brought mentioning of this was Ash-Shaykh Muqbil, may Allah have mercy upon him, where he said:

…وربما تكون المرأة فاسدة والرجل صالح وتفسد الرجل ، وقد ذكرنا لإخواننا أن عمران بن حطان تزوج بابنته عمه

“Likewise perhaps the woman may be corrupted (i.e. in her methodology) while the man is righteous and she ends up corrupting him, and we have indeed mentioned that Imran bin Hitaan (i.e. a former sunni who was once severe upon the khawarij) got married to his cousin (who was extremely beautiful)

وكانت على مذهب الجعدية طائفة من الخوارج فأراد أن يردها فتأثر بها ، وبعد أن كان سنيا أصبح خارجيا ،

While she was on the madh-hab of al-Ja’diyyah, a group from the Khawarij while he intended to return her to (the correct methodology) while he end up getting affected by her, whereas after him being upon the sunnah he end up becoming a Khaariji

حتى أنه قال في ابن ملجم الذي قتل علي بن أبي طالب يقول :

So much so that he uttered the following lines (i.e. of praise) for Ibn Maljam the one who killed Ali bin Abi Taalib:

يا ضربة من تقي ما أراد بها *****************إلا ليبلغ من ذي العرش رضوانا
إني لأذكره يوما فأحسبه ****************** أوفى البرية عند الله ميزانا

Translated by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr