What is he referring to by freewill? If he intends that humans are free to choose their path and destiny then yes, Islam affirms that and acknowledges that God has predestined it for them. And if he intends humans have absolute freewill and there is no such system of decree by God and that humans could bring about their actions without God willing then no, Islam does not affirm this.

Below is a logical approach for the first meaning:

A Logical Example:

A king in this life granted the people who are living under his kingdom free will and freedom of choice to be good citizens or bad citizens and prepares both a reward and a punishment for each group. However, due to the King having previous knowledge about his people, he already knows what to expect concerning what choices they would make. Therefore, the king records a reward or a punishment according to the previous knowledge he possess regarding his people. After giving his people enough time to make choices in their lives, and the results are later brought out, it becomes clear that the King’s expectations concerning his people were correct. If this is possible with a King in this life with his people then لله المثل الأعلى with greater preference for Allah’s Kingdom since what is naturally known by every human being that God has full and complete knowledge of his creation which is referred to in the aforementioned example as previous knowledge. We Muslims refer to it as predestiny.

Mentioned by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr