Shaikh Salih al-‘Usaymee (may Allah preserve him) said:

“That which should be cautioned against is that which has spread in recent times called power bands/bracelets. Verily these bracelets and bands which have spread are from minor Shirk because they are not established as a means through the path of the Legislation nor the path of Qadr. The factor for establishing something as a means through the path of Qadr is through truthful experimentation from a reliable person who knows. It is based on the fact that [some] materials have special qualities. This is something demonstrated by the Legislated evidences. For verily Allah the Exalted has placed, from what He has created from the material in this universe, secrets that are hidden and special qualities that are known. What is not from that, then it is not allowed to believe something regarding it.

Reliable studies have been issued from specialized institutes that show that the claim of the affect of these bracelets has no reality according to the doctors. Thus, it is a mere claim and it is connected to what is included in minor Shirk. So it is necessary for the servant to beware of it and to warn the one who wears it. From the door of Shirk which has been opened of recent is by way of what is called human ability. Exaggeration in this affair has opened for the people beliefs that were issued by the polytheists in relation to the ability of the creation, until a person falls into Shirk [due to that]. Beliefs to do with [the power of] stones, or material; believing that they have special qualities that strengthen such and such. All of that is from falsehood which puts people into Shirk. Shirk in every time period has its apparel. Shaytan has pledged to sit on the way of the straight path and put people into Shirk. So he confuses them in regards to the sources of Shirk and its types. So it is obligatory upon a person to judge these phenomena based on the Legislated evidences and reliable applicable foundations. If he does so, the Legislated ruling will be apparent to him without confusion“.

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Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan