As for Muhammad Raslaan, then I fear his condition has become worse in recent times, the reason being that some of his previous students have left him after hearing from him uttering harsh statements against some of the Muslim rulers in audio form. And when he was asked if this was okay, he began to justify it by saying:

I don’t live in the country of that ruler.

Therefore, some raised his affair to Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhayli and Shaykh Abdul-Azeez ar-Raajihi by name concerning this statement of his and both mashayikh mentioned that this is extremely incorrect.

Also, audios have been compiled of his contradictions wherein he would deny something and the audio of him saying it would follow right after it.

Likewise, a compilation has been made concerning his inappropriate wordings such as when using the word hawaa (desire) to describe Allah and likewise his inappropriate wordings when describing some of the Prophets along with some of the Sahaabahs.

Also, a twenty minute audio has been brought out of him using foul language and severe name calling against his opponents with wordings which are based on the appearance or weight of an individual, or things related to filthy things such as the toilet paper.

There are a number of written refutations made against Muhammad Raslan which he hasn’t yet clarified himself from along with the great number of refutations on youtube made against him.

And some of the praises from some of the shuyookh for him are a few years old. I’m not sure if they are aware of his recent statements, Allahu Musta’an.

Many ulema clarified the affair of Abul-Hasan Al-Misri in 2002, but it is not known that Ibn Raslaan openly refuted him until the beginning of 2012. Why did it take so long for him to refute Al-Maribi? And when he finally refuted Abul-Hasan, was it because Abul-Hasan criticized him first on a television show in the year 2012?

Mentioned by

AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman
Abu Fajr