In regards to Bilal Phillips, then he has been refuted by Shaikh Ziyaad al-Wasaabi for errors in his book Kitab at-Tawheed (See pg. 41) as reported by brother Musa Millington. In the book he calls to speaking out against governments who rule by other than the Shariah which is not the way of the Salaf in the matter. This statement has continued to be including in this book even in recent prints from what I have seen myself.

He also considers himself a Canadian Scholar when not a single Scholar has given him a right to that title to the least. In terms of Manhaj, he mixes with the people of innovation and lectures with them claiming that the manhaj is to not boycott them. He mentions the doubt that Shaikh al-Albaani rahimahullah took the view but the Shaikh also boycotted others like his student Rifaai’ and he mentioned in Silsilatul Huda wal-Noor tape no. 695 that one can boycott them. But Bilal phillips doesn’t mention such. As well, he writes in the book, moral foundations:

“The Ikhwaan was then forced underground, and became a secret society which developed a structure similar to communist cells in order to continue to operate. Oaths of allegiance were required of all members and the call of the Islamic State evolved into a recruitment drive for members. Very
little efforts were made to correct beliefs and practices as collecting members became the chief priority. Controversial issues of beliefs and practices were seen as divisive and, as such, were deliberately avoided. Their members who fled to the West to avoid persecution and further their academic studies set up student organizations like F.O.S.I.S. and M.S.A. and I.S.N.A. through which members continued to be recruited”

Bilal philips says that ISNA are ikhwani but he works with them, for example at the 38th annual ISNA conference. So based on this principle, he works with people of innovations.

So those are some points that show we should leave him off. Along with the fact we heard from him Fatawa which are not knowledge based and erroneous during his stay in Toronto. And Allah knows Best

Mentioned by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

More information about his errors can be found here.